ISO March 2015 Update

ISO March 2015 Update

What’s Happening with ISO: Even when it’s not visible, something is happening with ISO every day. The ISO Certification process helps standardize the way departments within PE operate and creates uniformity. How many times have you been instructed to complete a task to later find that the way it should have been done was changed and never communicated? We’ve all had this happen to use at one time. To prevent situations like this from happening, PE is implementing ISO in the most vital departments that potentially have an impact on everyone. PE’s core departments (HR, Security, Finance, Contracts, and Program Management) are working to create departmental procedures that will further define their daily operations.

This will be beneficial for you as PE employees because you will have an opportunity to view the procedures and work instructions once they are created. It will be an opportunity to see how the departments work together for operational efficiency. You will be able to provide feedback to these documented procedures and suggest improvements to the processes. This part of the ISO Certification process can be the most tedious but also the most rewarding!

ISO 9001 Auditor Training Update: On March 3-4 2015, PE successfully held internal Auditor Training. This training was open to all employees.  If you were unable to attend, don’t worry. There will be one final class held in the June/July time frame. For those who participated, thank you! Employees interested should notify your immediate supervisor and contact Marquitta Harris at

Do you know your ISO Team?




ISO Management Representative

Marquitta Harris1000

ISO Consultant

Erik Myhrberg- Moorhill International


Corrective Action Coordinators

Felix Rodriguez; Katelyn Kirste


Document Control Coordinators

Dawn Wanzer; Darren Blunt


Internal Audit Coordinators

Carrie Lynch; Sarah Clemente


Training & Information Coordinators

Scott Brindle; Tina Kimmel