Electro-Optic / Infrared Payloads

PE’s Engineers and Analysts Support Army Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations

PE supports the Army mission to develop, acquire, field, and sustain persistent surveillance systems that enhance intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and target acquisition, enabling rapid situational understanding and integrated operations for United States Warfighters.


We provide program management, engineering, cybersecurity, logistics management, operations, foreign military sales, and financial management support. 

Program Management
• Acquisition Strategies and Plans
• Program Reviews and Milestone Decisions
• Continuous Risk Management


Engineering Support
• Systems Engineering
• Integration of Sensor Capabilities
• Test and Evaluation
• Configuration Management


• Authorization to Operate
• Information Systems Accreditation Program
• Risk Management Framework

Logistics Management
• Manpower and Human Systems Integration
• Technical Manuals
• Training
• Total Package Fielding
• New Equipment Training
• Provisioning


• Operating Procedures and Personnel Requirements
• Concept of Operations
• Battle Staff Training
• Site Surveys

Foreign Military Sales
• Letters of Offer and Acceptance
• Delivery Schedules
• Performance Requirements
• Coordination with the HQDA and DOS


Financial Management
• Cost Analysis and Estimating
• Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools
• Earned Value Management
• Integrated Baseline Reviews