Intelligence Systems

PE’s engineers and analysts bring mission-focused intelligence services delivering the best in Warfighter support.

Electronic Warfare Systems


Identity Operations

(ID Ops)

Terrestrial Human Intelligence


Our 12 years supporting MARCORSYSCOM CREW Systems included the support for vehicle mounted and manportable dismounted Electronic Warfare Jammer Systems covering all stages of the acquisition life cycle. Our Program Analysts, Systems Engineers, Logisticians, Financial Analysts, Equipment Specialists, Field Service Representatives (FSRs) and Fielding Coordinators consistently delivered quality products that satisfied and exceeded customer requirements. Our Test Engineers and Threat Analysts supported CREW system threat load development and testing at Yuma Proving Grounds. Our FSRs support CREW in CONUS and OCONUS.


We provided CREW systems with:
• Acquisition Documentation for AAP-ACAT II
• Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution
• Systems Engineering and IMS Development
• T&E (Developmental, Integration, Regression)
• CM, IMS, and Vehicle/System Integration
• Integrated Product Support to Include:
– Manpower, Personnel and Training Analysis
– Technical Manuals and I-Type Publications (Draft, VAL/VER), Fielding and Disposal Support


Systems Supported
• Chameleon, Hunter, Thor III, Modi, CREW Vehicle Receiver Jammer (CVRJ) V1 and V2, CREW Augmentation Program (CAP), UTS, and ATE


Test & Evaluation
• Supported Vendor-Conducted Test Events
• Developed Test Plans, Procedures, Validated Test Reports against System Requirements
• Addressed Test Incident Reports through support to Technical Review Boards
• Developed TEMPs, TRAPs, TRR-APs, and TRDPs
• Vehicle integration of CREW on: MRAP Cougar, MATV, MTVR FoV, LVSR FoV, LAV, M88, and M1A1


• Fielded Chameleon, Hunter, CVRJ, Thor III, and Modi
• Developed DPs, FPs, LCSPs, SL- 3s, MIs, and TMs
• Conduct CREW System Installation and Integration on a Variety of Tactical Vehicles
• Use CMPRO to manage $1B in 90K SF warehouse, support systems kitting & integration and lab testing of CREW systems


Systems Engineering 
• Developed ECPs, TDPs, and ISPs
• Incorporated Risk Management Framework into Program Planning
• Supported ERBs, CCBs, TRRs, and SETR events

PE personnel have worked closely with Government teammates to ensure the success of Program Manager Intelligence Systems (PM IS) priorities, goals, and programs. We provide program management, logistics management, manpower, personnel and training/human systems integration support, financial management, and program technical review (engineering support) across all of the Identity Operations systems.


We provided Identity Operations with:
• Program Management
• Budget & Financial Management
• Systems Engineering
• Configuration Management
• Manpower, Personnel, & Training Analysis
• New Equipment Training (NET)
• Technical Manuals and I-Type Publications (Draft, Review, VAL/VER)
• Fielding and Disposal Support at Every Level


Systems Supported
• Biometrics – BAT, BESD, and Identity Dominance System – Marine Corps Inc I & II


Expeditionary Forensics Exploitation Capability (EFEC)
• Contributed to the Development of EFEC Systems Engineering Plan and Initial Product Baseline
• Established Integrated Master Schedule and Managed Reporting Activities
• 24 hour Help Desk Support for All 29 Palms ITXs
• Developed Supply Instruction, Modification Instruction, and Technical Instruction


Biometric Enrollment Screening Device (BESD)

• Participated in the System Integration, Production, Training, Fielding, and Deployment
• Developed Supply Instruction, Modification Instruction, and Technical Instruction
• Achieved Successful Fielding Decision


Identity Dominance System – Marine Corps (IDS-MC)

• Submitted Multiple Improvement Recommendations
• Assisted in Development of COTS-Approved Software Image
• Achieved Successful Fielding Decision
• Participated in the System Integration, NET, Fielding, and Deployment
• Supported the IDS-MC Business Case Analysis

PE supports four variants of G-BOSS, under the PM IS. Our Logisticians support GBOSS in both CONUS and OCONUS locations.


We provided Surveillance Systems with: 
• Logistics Support (Technical Manual Development, Fielding Support, and Training)
• Systems Engineering (SETR Events, TDPs and TRRs)
• Programmatic Support (Integrated Master Schedules, Acquisition Documentation, and Risk Management)
• Financial Management


Systems Supported
• G-BOSS Heavy (GBH), G-BOSS Medium (GBM), G-BOSS Light (GBL), and G-BOSS Surveillance Shelter (GSS)


Program Management/Financial Management
• Development of Program Documentation to include Acquisition Strategy, Acquisition Program Baselines, Test & Evaluation Master Plans, and Fielding Plans
• Programs ranging in complexity from Abbreviated Acquisition Program to ACAT IV(M)
• Completed Cost Estimates to Validate G-BOSS sustainment strategy during POM cycles
• Managed and Tracked the Execution of RDT&E, PMC, and OMMC Appropriation
• Initiated Current Year Deficiencies and requests for Overseas Contingency Operation Assets


Test & Evaluation
• Supported Vendor-Conducted Test Events
• Developed Test Plans and Procedures
• Validated Test Reports Against System Requirements


• Performed Job Task Analysis and Spares Analysis
• Updated the LRFS quarterly
• Performed Integrated Logistics Assessments in Support of G-BOSS Systems Fielding
• Tracked Mishap Reports and battle loss of OCONUS G-BOSS Assets
• Developed Disposal Plans, Fielding Plans, SL-3s, Modification Instructions, Technical Manuals, Intent to Field Messages, Life Cycle Sustainment Plans, and IUID Plans