Land Systems Integration

PE’s C4ISR Engineers and Technicians are supporting operating forces with Land Systems Integration (LSI) activities at multiple CONUS, OCONUS, and in-theatre locations.


Networking On The Move (NOTM) Field Service Representative (FSR) Support
• Fielding support to I, II, and III Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF)
• 400+ NOTM system integration/installation/de-installation actions on all currently approved USMC tactical vehicle platforms
• Site Surveys, Vehicle Assessments, and Inspections
• 1000+ System Diagnostic, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance actions
• 700+ New Equipment, Sustainment, and Over-the-Shoulder Training events
• Full spectrum deployed support for CONUS and OCONUS Exercises to include BALIKATAN, RIMPAC, and STEEL KNIGHT
• Rapid response to OCONUS units in Kuwait, Jordan, Japan, Philippines, and classified locations


United States Marine Corps (USMC) Communication Systems (UCS)
• Fielding support, system integration/installation/de-installation of Ground Radios and Terrestrial High Capacity Communication Systems
• Deployed contact teams and FSRs support to both CONUS and OCONUS units, to include 12 Marine Corps Reserve units at more than 50 locations
• Limited Technical Inspections, Preliminary Acceptance Tests, and Verification and Validation Testing
• Troubleshooting/fault analysis, repair/replacement of faulty or obsolete systems


Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare (CREW)
• Fielding support, system integration/installation/de-installation of CVRJ v1/v2 on LAV, LVSR, M1A1, and multiple MRAP and HMMWV variants
• Limited Technical Inspections, Verification and Validation Testing
• Troubleshooting, diagnostics, failure mode analysis, maintenance, calibration, component repair and replacement
• Direct support to deploying Marine Expeditionary Units
• Rapid response to OCONUS units in Iraq, Afghanistan and classified locations


Systems Kitting and Inventory Management
• Systems storage, management, maintenance, kitting, packaging, shipping
• $1B inventory under management

Supported NOTM Systems
VIC/ TOCNET, DAGR, Video Scout, AN/VRC-114, AN/PRC-117G, PacStar, SatCom, Fortress, MPM-1000, and KG-250xs

Supported Tactical Vehicle Platforms

OCONUS Fielding and Integration Locations
Basa AB, PI; Subic Bay, PI; Okinawa, JP; Aqaba, Jordan, Kuwait, and classified locations in Theater

Supported Ground Radios and Terrestrial High Capacity Communication Systems
RF-5800, RF-7800, AN/VRC-91, AN/VRC-92, AN/VRC-103, AN/VRC-104, AN/VRC-110, AN/VRC-111, AN/VRC-114, AN/PRC-117 (G and F), AN/MRC-145 A & B, AN/PRC-150, AN/TRC-209A, AN/PRC-153, AN/PRC-119, AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, AN/VRC-112, AN/VRC-113, EPLRS TRM, AN/MRC-148, and AN/MRC142B/C

Supported Tactical Vehicle Platforms
MTVR, LVSR, AAV, LAV, and HMMWV (all variants)

OCONUS Fielding and Integration Locations
Iwakuni, JP and Kaneohe Bay, HI

Supported CREW Systems
CVRJ v1 and CVRJ v2

Supported Tactical Vehicle Platforms
MRAP Category I, MRAP Category II, MRAP
Category III, M-ATV, LVSR, M1A1, LAV, and
HMMWV (all variants)

OCONUS Fielding and Integration Locations
Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan
Al Asad, Iraq
Al Taqaddum, Iraq
Ali Al Salem, Kuwait
Al Jabbar, Kuwait
Camp Behurjng, Kuwait

'Through our superior management practices and focused efforts to recover and return to inventory parts and spares previously treated as expendable, we saved the Government more than $4M dollars in the first year of the Force Protection Systems contract and is projected to save more than $20M over the life of the contract.'
- FPS Contracting Officer's Representative