Acquisition Logistics and Contractor Logistics Support

Whether in the program office or in the field, Patricio Enterprises Logisticians and Engineers provide value to optimize system performance and reduce total ownership costs. 

As an acquisition management and logistics provider for the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, Patricio Enterprises offers deep understanding of how to plan for affordable Life Cycle Sustainment Costs for weapons systems and execute highly responsive Contractor Logistics Support (CLS). Whether in the program office or on the field, our Logisticians make logistics work for Warfighters and First Responders.


For nearly two decades, Patricio Enterprises has specialized in assisting Program Managers plan for life-cycle cost throughout the life cycle of weapons programs including:


  • Research and development costs, associated with the concept refinement, Technology Development, and System Development and Demonstration phases,
  • Investments, associated with the Production and Deployment phase,
  • Operations and sustainment costs, associated with the Sustainment phase, and
  • Disposal costs, occurring at system retirement.


Within the Product Development and Sustainment phases of the product life cycle, Patricio Enterprises provides logistics support from product development and testing and initial fielding while the product support package is being deployed to full CLS including the integration of support functions such as providing engineering, spare and repair parts, facilities, materiel, support equipment, personnel, and maintenance.

Patricio Enterprises’ CLS and Life Cycle Management teams partner with Government program offices and industry systems integrators to maximize product lifespan and cost avoidance through an uncommon set of business principles designed to support and enhance combat effectiveness at reasonable cost. Indeed, Patricio Enterprises has helped United States Marine Corps and Army program offices realize cost avoidance of many millions of dollars in program costs by analyzing cost drivers and finding ways to work smarter.


This might be something as simple as training end users to improve the return process for personal protective equipment or having a third party repair cables vice sending them out for disposal. We expect our Logisticians to question the status quo and find ways to make our customers’ precious resources last. Our worldwide logistics support teams offer tailored, expert solutions for a variety of weapons systems, integrating the capabilities needed to excel in the most challenging operational environments. Our support services include:


  • New Equipment Training for Operators and Maintainers (virtual and instructor-led)
  • Field Service Representatives
  • Support documentation including operation, installation and maintenance manuals
  • Complete Supply Chain Management
  • Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot Maintenance
  • Help Desk support
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Engineering support including hardware modifications and modernization

Beyond optimized logistics support, Patricio Enterprises enables weapons system sustainment program management offices to perform engineering and program management oversight to manage the program and to determine the integrity of a system, to maintain operational reliability, to approve design changes, and to ensure conformance with specifications and standards.


Finally, Patricio Enterprises has established Public Private Partnerships with multiple depots including Tobyhanna Army Depot, Blue Grass Army Depot, and Pine Bluff Arsenal. We firmly support the cost effective utilization of public depot facilities.


We are equally comfortable with executing logistics support functions with public logistics providers or enabling the transition of weapons programs in full sustainment to the depot system.


Whether in the program office or in the field, Patricio Enterprises Logisticians and Engineers provide value to optimize system performance and reduce total ownership costs. We are very proud of the cost avoidance we have helped Government program offices realize and continuously look for ways to work as a trusted partner in the acquisition office, on the depot or as a logistics provider forward deployed with operating forces.