Systems Engineering

PE’s Engineers Ensure Optimum Performance and Sustainability for our Customers’ Most Essential Combat Support Systems

Power Systems Team

Our 13 years of supporting MARCORSYSCOM Power Systems includes support for the entire portfolio of power generation & distribution equipment, environmental control equipment, as well as the advanced power systems. This included providing support for all segments of the acquisition process for the Advanced Medium Mobile Power Systems (AMMPS), Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Systems (GREENS), the Intelligent Power Management System (IPMS), and the Advanced Battery Charger (ABC). Our Program and Logistics Analysts worked hand-in-hand with the Government IPT to facilitate equipment development and fielding. Our Technical Service Representatives (TSR) then provided post-fielding warranty and technical support.

We Provided Power Systems: 
• Acquisition Management Plans
• Integrated Master Schedules
• Financial Management
• Logistics Documentation to include: Life Cycle Sustainment Plans, Fielding Plans, Technical Manuals (TM), Supply Instructions, SL-3s, and Manpower, Personnel, and Training Analysis
• Safety Engineering
• New Equipment & Sustainment Training
• Warranty and Technical Support

Systems Supported: 
AMMPS, GREENS, ABC, MEPDIS-R, SPC, SPACES, Floodlight Set, Load Bank and IPMS

• Fielded GREENS, AMMPS, & ABC
• Developed DPs, FPs, LRFS, LSSP, Sis, Tis, MIs, and TMs
• Provided provisioning support through our Equipment Specialists at MCLB Albany

Warranty Service Support Claims Tool (WSSCT) Team

• The WSSCT is an Automated Information System that Provides an Internet Portal for End Item Warranty Management
• The WSSCT Program Managed a total of $22.6 Million in Warranty Repair Cost Savings in FY18
• PE TSRs act as OPFOR Warranty Facilitators and Approvers
• The PE Warranty Manager Wrote the TM that Governs WSSCT Operation
• 111 Different TAMCNS have been Managed in the WSSCT
• A Total of 42,688 Serialized End Items have had their Warranties Managed in the WSSCT
• The System Can Easily Accommodate any TAMCN Serialized Item with a Warranty

Fuel & Water Systems Team

Patricio Enterprises has provided mission critical support to PM Engineer System’s Water & Fuel Systems Team. PE’s personnel, embedded with the Operating Forces, provide onsite technical and warranty support and includes deployable subject matter experts who support contingency operations.

We Provided F&W Systems: 
• Program Management
• Acquisition Documentation
• Financial Management
• Safety Engineering
• New Equipment Training
• Manpower, Personnel, and Training Analysis
• Warranty and Technical Support
• Provisioning Support
• Logistics Documentation to include: Fielding Plans, Technical Manuals, Technical Instructions, Supply Instructions, SL-3s, and Manpower, Personnel, and Training Analysis

Systems Supported: 

Expeditionary Water Distribution System:
• Participated in System Integration, Documentation, Packaging, and Fielding
• Developed NET Package to Include a Video with Computer Generated Imagery
• Provided Fielding Coordination, Training, and Follow on Support

Material Handling Equipment / Construction Equipment Team

PE provides the MARCORSYSCOM MHE/CE team with the full range of Technical, Warranty, Logistics, and Programmatic analysis and support. Our TSRs provide onsite support at each MEF for the complete Life Cycle management of all MHE/CE equipment. They provide the integral link for the USMC owned, PE managed, Warranty and Service Support Claims Tool (WSSCT).

We Provided MHE/CE Systems: 
• Support for the Equipment Exchange Program
• Warranty Management
• Onsite Technical Service
• Logistics Documentation to Include: LRFS, DPs, IUID Plans, FPs, and SIs
• Safety Engineering Documentation
• Program Briefing Documents
• Integrated Master Schedules

Systems Supported: 
Airfield Damage Repair Kit, Hydraulic Excavator, Wheeled Tractor Scraper, D6K, TRAM, EBFL-M, RATCH, LCRTF, Marine Corps Tactical Welding Shop, Grade Control System, Laser Leveling System, Surveying Set, and the All-Terrain Crane

Mobility & Counter Mobility Systems Team

PE provides a full range of support to MARCORSYSCOM Mobility and Counter Mobility to include a Bridging and Boats TSR who is embedded at Bridge Company, 8th Engineer Support Bn. This TSR regularly deploys with Bridge Company to support bridging and rafting operations in the II MEF AOR as well as OCONUS travel to conduct training and equipment modifications. 

We Provided M&CM Systems: 
• Acquisition Management Plans
• Integrated Master Schedules
• Logistics Documentation to include: IUID Plans, Logistics Resource Funding Summary, Technical Manual Changes, and SIs
• Sustainment Training
• Provisioning Documents
• Warranty and Technical Support
• Worldwide-deployable Subject Matter Expert who Assists the Operating Forces with Equipment Modification, Warranty Support, and Sustainment Training
• Onsite Technical Support at Exercises such as Bold Alligator-18

Systems Supported: 
ABV, MK154, M9 ACE, Medium Girder Bridge, Bridge Erection Boats, and the Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Family of Systems

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Systems Team

PE supports MARCORSYSCOM EOD systems with a full suite of Program Management, Safety, and Logistics support.

We Provided EOD Systems: 
• Safety Engineering Documentation
• Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Documentation and Expert Analysis
• Technical Manual Development, and Change Pages
• Logistics Documentation to Include: SL-3s and Disposal Plans
• Market Research Report
• Risk Management

Systems Supported: 
Advanced Bomb Suit, Expeditionary Radiographic Kit, Video Inspection Capability Kit, Ultralight Robot, EOD Mini-Robot (SUGV-310), EOD Diagnostic Capability, and the DSRT & Light Weight Demolition Device

Safety Engineering Documentation:
• Safety Assessment Reports
• Hazardous Material Logs
• Preliminary Hazard / Safety Analysis
• Request for Environment Impact Review
• Preliminary Environment Impact Review
• Environmental Safety & Occupational Health Test Plans
• National Environmental Policy Act Decision Memorandum