Tactical Communications

Patricio Enterprises supports over 40 communications systems covering all stages of the acquisition life cycle. Our Program Analysts, Systems Engineers, Logisticians, Financial Analysts, Equipment Specialists, and Fielding Coordinators consistently deliver quality products that meet and exceed customer requirements.

We have provided support to multiple DoD Communication Systems with the following types of support:
• Acquisition Documentation
• Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution
• Systems Engineering
• Test and Evaluation (Developmental, Integration, Regression)
• Vehicle/System Integration
• Integrated Product Support to Include:
– Manpower, Personnel & Training Analysis
– Technical Manuals and I-Type Publications (Draft, VAL/VER)
– Fielding and Disposal Support


Systems Supported
• Tactical Hand Held Radio FoS
• Multi-band Radio FoS
• High Frequency Radio FoS
• AN/MRC-142 FoS
• Next Generation Troposcatter
• Tactical Elevated Antenna Mast System
• Wireless Point-to-Point Link-D
• AN/TRC-170 FoS

Program/Financial Management
• Requirements Development, to include SON, UUNS, LOC, CRC, DOTMLPF-P Change Request
• Programs ranging in complexity from AAP to ACAT IV(M)
• Supported over 210 Program Management Activities and Events
• Contributed to 120 Regular Reporting and Financial Management Events


Systems Engineering
• Developed Engineering Change Proposals, Technical Data Packages, Information
• Support Plans and Feasibility of Support Messages
• Incorporated Risk Management Framework into Program Planning
• Supported ERBs, CCBs, TRRs, and SETR events


Test & Evaluation
• Supported Vendor-Conducted Test Events
• Developed Test Plans and Procedures, Validated Test Reports against System Requirements
• Addressed Test Incident Reports by conducting Technical Review Boards
• Developed TEMPs, TRAPs, TRR-APs, TRDPs

• Provided Over-the-Shoulder Training for AN/MRC-145A Installation
• Achieved AN/PRC-148(V)3 Fielding Decision
• Supported AN/VRC-114(V)1/(V)2 Fielding
• Developed Disposal Plans, Fielding Plans, Life Cycle Sustainment Plans, SL-3s, Modification Instructions, Technical Manuals, and Intent to Field Messages
• Conducted Independent Logistics Assessments


Supported Ground Radios and Terrestrial High Capacity Communication Systems

RF-5800, RF-7800, AN/VRC-91, AN/VRC-92, AN/VRC-103, AN/VRC-104, AN/VRC-110, AN/VRC-111, AN/VRC-114, AN/PRC-117 (G and F), AN/MRC-145 A & B, AN/PRC-150, AN/TRC-209A, AN/PRC-153, AN/PRC-119, AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, AN/VRC-112, AN/VRC-113, EPLRS TRM, AN/MRC-148, and AN/MRC142B/C