ISO February 2015 Update

ISO February 2015 Update

What does ISO mean to us? 

ISO stands for International Organization of Standardization. PE began the ISO Journey in September 2014. Essentially, obtaining ISO Certification would mean that PE has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) that has effective, repeatable processes. In instances where it is not effective, we implement changes to fix problems through a structured system. Sounds easy, right? Of course!

PE’s employees are a major resource for this certification as it is you and Management who set the requirements for how we manage both information and the QMS. It’s not hard at all. As we all work together to implement this new system, we are finding out what we need, what we have, and filling in the gaps along the process. We call this “gap analysis.” When you’re thinking about “needs,” don’t just look at job skills; think about the business, awareness, training, and so forth.

ISO 9001 Auditor Training

In early March 2015, PE will be holding internal Auditor Training. This training is open to all employees. You must obtain approval from your manger to attend. This training will provide attendees with an understanding of the philosophy and principles of the ISO 9001:2008 standards which are recommended to perform Quality Management Systems audits. The trained individuals may be required to assist in auditing various departments within PE once ISO 9001 certification has been obtained. Employees interested should contact Marquitta Harris at



ISO Management Representative

Marquitta Harris
ISO Consultant

Erik Myhrberg
Moorhill International

Corrective Action Coordinators

Felix Rodriguez; Katelyn Kirste

Document Control Coordinators

Dawn Wanzer; Darren Blunt

Internal Audit Coordinators

Carrie Lynch; Sarah Clemente

Training & Information Coordinators

Scott Brindle; Tina Kimmel