ISO September/October 2015 Update

ISO September/October 2015 Update

What’s Happening with ISO?

PE is closing in on ISO certification. All departments participated in ISO training and internal audits throughout September – October 2015. All the hard work has paid off with the successful completion of PE’s Stage 1 External Audit which occurred on October 26, 2015. Stage 2 will last for four consecutive days and is being conducted November 16-19, 2015. All employees must continue to familiarize themselves with the site as you can potentially be approached by any member of the ISO Team, Executive Management and the external auditor throughout this process. We also embrace continual process improvement, so should you come across anything that you think could be improved, please let us know! You can submit a Corrective Action Request (CAR) or Preventive Action Request (PAR), FM406.

The link to the PE ISO 9001 site is:

Remember, if you sit on a Government site, you may not be able to access the site while on the premises. Be sure to check access when you are at a different location (such as a home computer or PE Site). 

ISO 9001 Auditors

One additional ISO Auditor Training is being scheduled for the beginning of December 2015. Contact your PM and/or Training and Information Coordinators (TIC) if you are interested.

We want to give another thank you to those who participated in any ISO Audit to assist us in getting ready for the external audits. Your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to your continued participation during our next round of internal audits in FY2016.

Just as a reminder, if you have received ISO 9001 Auditor Training, you are expected to participate. While we do understand that client needs are a priority, refusal to participate will be reported to Executive Management.

Oops! You Missed It

September and October have been very busy months for ISO. Internal audits were conducted on each Department in preparation for Stage 1 of PE’s external audit.

Each one of these events yielded great outputs and provided opportunities for improvement (OFI) which have been reviewed, discussed, and may be implemented in the future.


What’s Coming Up?

Stage 2 of PE’s External Audit will be conducted November 16-19, 2015.  Please be prepared!  During the audit you may be approached and asked questions. Please review the “Auditor Tips” document previously sent to all employees on October 22, 2015. This is also located on the ISO Site under Section 7.0, Training (Corporate), and posted in the common areas of Building 1000 and 525. At the conclusion of Stage 2 PE will be notified of Certification status.

The ISO Team and Executives are planning an ISO Brown Bag within the next few weeks to cover any last-minute ISO questions and to provide a final overview of things you should know.

One additional ISO Auditor Training is being scheduled for the beginning of December 2015. Contact your PM/BGD and/or Training and Information Coordinators (TIC) if you are interested. The PM/BGD must send an email to the ISO Team in order for you to participate.

The ISO Training video is currently underway and will be available on the ISO Site soon. Please keep an eye out for it!

As previously mentioned please remember to check the ISO Site and read the newsletter to make sure you have the most accurate and updated information about ISO. Again, if you have questions about information not covered in the newsletter, you can email the ISO Team at