Patricio Enterprises, Inc. Begins ISO 9001 Implementation

Patricio Enterprises, Inc. Begins ISO 9001 Implementation

STAFFORD, VA – Patricio Enterprises, Inc. (PE) has embarked on a proactive project to improve the business by implementing a certified quality management system under ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system standard focused on continual improvement within a business. By utilizing eight key management principles the business can objectively demonstrate to customers its ability to provide consistent services.

The eight management principles include:

Principle 1 – Customer-Focused Organization

Principle 2 – Leadership

Principle 3 – Involvement of People

Principle 4 – Process Approach

Principle 5 – System Approach to Management

Principle 6 – Continual Improvement

Principle 7 – Factual approach to decision making

Principle 8 – Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

By implementing a sound, internationally recognized management standard, PE hopes to meet not only current customer requirements but also future customer expectations.

Employees at all levels and functions may be asked to participate in drafting documentation, attend training, and perform internal audits. The video at this link provides more information on ISO.

The project will take approximately nine months. Please direct any ISO-related questions, comments, or concerns to Marquitta Harris (